Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we all need to die? And then what?
Jesus said Lazarus was asleep and He was going to wake him up. Jesus called death "sleep." Why? Because those that are asleep will wake up sometime. . .

  Why is faith important for salvation?
If faith is so important, and "without faith it is impossible to please [God]," how can we know what faith is?
  Does God really care about what we eat?
The Bible gives clear direction with regard to recommended choices of nourishment as made by the Creator Himself.

Does God really care about what we wear?
God's inspired word, the Bible, is the foundation of all of our teaching, and teaching is a part of the gospel commission. Does He have any instruction regarding what we should wear?


What is the difference between the moral and ceremonial laws?
The Bible presents two laws: one changeless and eternal, the other provisional and temporary.


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